Perhaps a Chairman company statement or a funding pitch.

  • Video duration circa 3 minutes
  • 1 hour filming, one location
  • 1 day Post-Production
  • Music, titles etc.


Half day, one location, filming and editing. All inc.

  • Video duration circa 5 minutes
  • ½ Day Filming, one Location
  • Unlimited Post-Production
  • Music, titles etc.


Whole day, one location, filming and editing. All inc.

  • Video duration unlimited
  • 1 Days Filming on Location
  • Unlimited Post-Production
  • Music, titles etc.

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Frequently Ask Question

What equipment can we have?

What would you like? But seriously, the actual limitations are time, transport and crew. A small one-man crew can handle most requirements but obviously comes with a restriction in the amount of kit one person can physically carry and use. Normally two cameras, tripods, lights, microphones and a Gimble will cover 99% of needs for low-budget corporate work and keep your costs down to a minimum. If you need extras, like cranes or more cameras we just need to budget for this to make sure everything runs smoothly.

How long does editing take?

This is easier to answer when we know what we are filming. Interviews or recorded events involve less editing than say a multi-camera drama shoot. The way we work is to provide you with an online viewing platform so you can see the edit as it progresses and also make comments and steer the edit along the way you want it. As a very rough guide allow two-days editing for one day filming.

Can you deliver my video for multi-platforms?

Absolutely! Once you are happy with the editing we can export your video for DVD, web, phone, Youtube or Vimeo. Whatever you require.

I want to record a piece to camera. Do I have to learn my lines?

You can if you wish. But we can provide an Autocue which is a clever device that allows you to look at the camera and read your own script from words only you can see. We just take your script and load it in the autocue and we're ready to go, delivering your speech like a pro.

What I'd like to do requires filming on the move?

No problem. It sounds like you need either our Steadicam device or our Gimble. Both of these allow us to mount the camera and follow the subject while removing camera shake. These are included in any of our packages so it sounds like we're good to go.

Do you film weddings?

No sorry we don't.

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