After the cameras stop rolling.

At we're not just a video production company. We can make more of your video, and therefore make more of your product's potential, by reaching the parts other video production companies can't reach. Normal LINEAR video, is where interaction is limited to Start/Pause/Stop, but with our unique purpose written software we can create mind blowing interactive video that talks to your audience directly, collects data from them and shows them what THEY want to see. Each viewer can receive an individual experience tailored to them and that keeps them engaged with your products for longer.

Hydra Dual Can link a Youtube video on your client's desktop to an app running their mobile phone and deliver 'Second Screen' content to the mobile in sync with the main video on the desktop. This is technology normally only available to mainstream broadcasters

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Win £1 million? Hydra

Hydra Shoppable adds motion tracking hotspots to Youtube videos. Your visitors can buy items straight from the video. The ultimate "Product Placement" video tool.

Hydra Shoppable can also be used for training, quizes and games. Hydra brings a whole new world of possibilities to video hosted on Youtube, Vimeo or locally on your own server.

Introducing HYDRA

Hydra is our Interactive Video offering. Like a true Hydra it doesn't have just one focus, it has many with varied forms. Hydra can be tailored to your needs to deliver advanced interactive video content directly to your target customer base. Hydra can create second syncronised screens on your audience's mobile devices, driven centrally by your videos. Hydra can run video rich ecommerce web sites 24 hours a day. Hydra works on DVDs, desktop or mobiles. Hydra can do whatever your imagination wishes to unleash...

What if..

... the video on your web site could play differently depending on the web visitor? Greet your visitor by their location or show a portion of a video that related to them individually? What if that video could collect data from your web visitor to tell you more about your potential clients? Show them the video related to their interests and allow them to shop direct from the video? It can!


Hydra is in development, which means we are looking for partners with interesting applications that will make a great showcase for the product. So if you think interactive video can help your business, there's never been a better time to get onboard and grab yourself a piece of this interactive pie.

“The impossible just takes us a little longer!”